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Integrity from Marvin

Integrity from Marvin features everything you want in a window: incredible efficiency, virtual indestructibility, low maintenance and the elegance of handcrafted wood interiors. Besides the option of a wood interior, listed under our wood windows section, the Integrity line features Ultrex®, inside and out. This option for windows comes in standard and non-standard sizes. Ultrex® is a tough polymer of glass fibers and polyester resin that is so hard, diamond-edged blades are needed to cut it. Warranty

About Marvin
Marvin is a premier manufacturer of made-to-order wood and clad wood windows and doors. It is a privately held, family owned company founded in 1912 by George G. Marvin and is headquartered in Warroad, Minnesota. Click here for quick facts on Marvin.

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